Manuscript Critique Services
Manuscript Critiques (300 double-spaced pages or less): We offer evaluative (critique) services on documents without the complete editing service. We make comments and recommendations to your written paper.

For a complete detailed chapter-by-chapter critique of Manuscripts, Business documents, Corporate communications, Master theses, Academic Papers, Concept Papers, Proposals, and Dissertations less than 300 double-spaced pages.  Turnaround time varies according to your deadline and the complexity of your work.

If during the course of the critique it is determined that your manuscript, thesis, academic papers, concept papers, proposal or dissertation (less than 300 double-spaced pages) needs editing, you will be notified and asked if you wish to add such services before doing editing work.

Do you need a PowerPoint presentation for a business meeting, speaking engagement or academic oral defense? If so, let us reduce your stress and create an attractive and professional presentation for you. Simply provide us with your content and any guidelines, and we will develop a professional graphic and text presentation. This is perfect for business professionals, speakers, lecturers, and doctoral students. We will create a professional presentation using your text to ensure it is grammatically correct, properly formatted and captures the essence of your intent. Contact us to take that stress off your shoulders by creating the perfect presentation for your business or school.