The Editing Team
More than 70% of our professional editors have college degrees in English and Literature.

Eileen Sullivan (Chief Editor)
MBA Finance Accounting/Marketing – American Intercontinental                      University
BA in Organizational Behavior – Northwest University
Certificate Contract Law – Villanova University
Certificate Professional Editing

Julie Barnhart
BA in English: Wichita State University, Wichita, KS
MA in History: Wichita State University, Wichita, KS
MPhil in History: University of Kansas, Lawrence

Marge Bentley
MA: Curriculum and Instruction: New Mexico State University
MA: Education Administration: New Mexico State University.
BA: Education and Science: University of New Mexico

Melanie Bonsall
MA in Literature – George Mason University
BA in Literature – Pennsylvania State University

James Harrignton
BA: English: Texas State University, San Marcos

Chas Hoppe
MA: English, Creative Writing: Western Washington University
BA: English: Western Washington University.

Kevin Murray
25 Years of editing (Fiction/Non Fiction), technical manuals & biographies

Michelle Perrigo
MA in Social Work – Western Michigan University
BA in Spanish – College of Wooster
Certified Experiential Education Trainer

Jennifer Kooistra
BA in Humanities: Thomas Edison State College

Amy Rafferty
MS in Journalism – Boston University
MA in Anthropology – University of St. Andrews, UK
BA in Anthropology – University of St. Andrews, UK