Dissertation and Research Coaching
Writing a thesis, proposal and dissertation can be difficult without a support system or someone that has the experience to encourage and guide you. There are 7 questions that should be answered regarding needing coaching services.

1. Are you tired of being ABD?
2. Are you frustrated with your advisor?
3. Are you struggling with writer's block?
4. Do you need help with the proposal/dissertation process?
5. Do you need help narrowing down your topic?
6. Do you need help defining your research methodology?
7. Do you need someone to help you reach your academic goal?

If you have answered YES to all the questions above, then experience our coaching services with faculty trained Ph.Ds.


* Encourage you throughout the entire process. We will be your personal coach. We have been where you are. We are here to go through the process with you.

* We will help you succeed with proven motivational techniques and plan of action.

* Through our editing services, we will ensure your paper conforms to APA style and your school's writing requirements.

* Help you refine your topic. The goal is to be specific and have a topic that is researchable.

* Critique your work.  We will help you fix your rough and soft spots before you send your work back to your advisor.

* We will analyze options for the most appropriate methodology (Quantitative, Qualitative, and Mixed Methods).

* We will help you define the problem statement and research hypotheses.

* Help in establishing limitations and significance of your study.

* Guide you in selecting the appropriate literature review.

* We will help you with selecting the appropriate statistical analysis.

* We will help prepare you for the oral defense.

* We will help you successfully complete your dissertation in the shortest time possible.


Dear Panther Professional Services
On July 1, 2011, I successfully defended my doctoral dissertation. I credit your support and the guidance and encouragement I received from Dr. Driver especially with this success.  Dr. Driver provided me with the personalized directed assistance I needed to move forward in my dissertation. He coached me through the statistical calculations I needed to complete and helped me understand the results so that I could effectively interpret them to finish my research results. His guidance and direction saved me thousands of dollars in tuition and helped me move forward with confidence to complete my doctoral degree. Thank you Dr. Driver and Panther Professional Services.

Dr. Tammy Benabides, EdD