Academic Editing
Service Description
An editor will review your paper for spelling, grammar and typographical errors. Panther Editing Services will also review the content of your paper and make revisions and suggestions for improvement. Finally, we will check the formatting against the writing style according to American Psychological Association (APA), Modern Language Association (MLA), and Chicago writing formats. 

You will receive a revised manuscript with corrections for spelling, grammar and typographical errors. Suggestions for improvement of the content will also be made, and we'll correct the work for formatting consistency. We guarantee that our work will follow the prescribed APA, MLA and Chicago writing formats. If you submit a .doc file (Microsoft Word/Office) to us, our corrections and comments will show up in blue and through Word track changes. You will receive a change summary document with your edited paper.

The 'Track Changes' function in Microsoft Word® is used as a common feature in editing in this program.  This built-in feature of Microsoft Word® allows users to toggle between editor suggestions. The user has the ability to accept all changes with one click.  We will send a guide sheet on track changes with your final paper.

Thank you for your help for all of us APA challenged individuals.
K.S. Northcentral University graduate student